P90X Vegan

Jan 7, 2011 Posted Under: P90X

It is possible to do P90X if you are vegan, just make sure you are eating properly. This newsletter shares info on how to alter the P90X nutrition plan if you are vegan:
Going Vegan, P90X Style

Fun fact: the Old Spice guy works out with Tony Horton and follows Tony’s vegan, gluten free diet. Last year he was on the Tonight Show and shared,

“I’m lucky to workout with Tony Horton of P90x fame. He’s got me on this diet right now that’s absolutely ridiculous. There are 5 things you can’t do: There’s no alcohol; no caffeine; no processed sugars; nothing with a face — no animals or animal byproducts; but here’s the tough one: no gluten.”

I’d say he’s in pretty great shape. Here’s just one of the commercials he appears in:

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